Food Coma = Bombaykery!

For all those who don’t relate to the caption, you haven’t discovered this sugar rush haven yet! What does one long for in a perfect dessert? Something that makes you forget your monday blues, gives you a reason to come back home from the shitty wednesday at work or brings in you that adrenaline rush on the […]

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Feel the ELATION

Literally meaning ‘a state of joy’, Elation at GK 1, New Delhi proudly lives up to its name. In the capital where a new eating joint or a lounge opens up at a lightning fast speed, it’s hard to make a space and stand out for your individuality. While some might boast of a great […]

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Comfort Food from InnerChef

What’s the most troublesome factor of eating out? Without a doubt, bad health. And this is why many of us living alone in metropolitan cities either settle for easily available unhealthy options or struggle hard trying to cook up something at home, between tight work schedules. Understanding the fact that putting a comfortable yet delicious meal […]

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