Kitchens Of Asia – So ‘Oishii’

A cuisine that is often associated to health and taste, Japanese recipes have always enticed the world.

Being one of the most energetic and passionate race in the world, Japan has given to the globe a plethora of exotic dishes, that are an art to see and an experience to indulge.

One such gem of a place is Kitchens of Asia, situated at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

Indoor Seating
A view of the outdoors

In warm and vibrant colours of red, beige and black, the restaurant speaks of the essence of Asia, in a contemporary and spiritual way. Fancy artifact depicting cultural heritage, brings in a sense of authenticity to the place. The tailor-made ambience shows the sheer dedication and thought gone in creating a venue, that caters to exquisite offerings, in the arms of luxury and comfort.

Kitchens of Asia has recently revamped their menu with a range of flavourful Sushis, Seafood, Curries and more. While it is impossible to describe the humongous range, here are a few highlights, that can help you plan your evening.

  1. Teppanyaki Thrills:

A technique that involves an iron griddle to cook food, Teppanyaki is a signature style, that you just cannot afford to miss. It is unique because the Chef himself prepares your meal using the technique, with fresh ingredients and sauces, making you watch and learn from each dish that you order.

Chicken & Fish, along with vegetables on the Iron Griddle


If you’re experiencing it for the first time, pick Chicken Teriyaki or a Black Cod where the chef cooks meat with exotic vegetables, and pairs it with the classic sticky rice.

And if you have the classic Spanish Mahou to give you company, it gets beyond perfect.

Chicken Teriyaki


Black Cod

There isn’t anything more pleasureful than watching your meal being prepared in front of your eyes, in the most interesting manner and in the company of a skilful Chef, who not just serves you but helps increase your knowledge on Asian Cuisine as well.

At Kitchens of Asia, we have Chef Kunal who comes with years of insightful experience in the field of Japanese cooking. He loves preparing meals for his guests, along with entertaining them with interesting Teppanyaki art forms and tactics.


Imagine a Japanese cuisine expedition with no Sushi on the menu? Of course not.

Offering a Sushi Bar like no other,  this restaurant takes you on a palatable journey of tasteful Maki Rolls, their customised and innovative KOA Signature Rolls and the traditional Sashimi and Nigiri.

Developing a taste and fondness of Sushi might take time, so feel free to pick up a basket of delicious Dimsums till then.

The Sushi Platter
Chicken Dimsums
Salmon & Crab Sushi

As no meal ends without a sweet goodbye, Darsaan is what needs to savoured at KOA. Served with a chilled scoop of Vanilla Ice cream, these crispy fried wontons drizzled with honey are a fresh change from the usual brownies and cakes.


With an awe-inspiring menu, soothing ambience and a warm & smiling staff, Kitchens of Asia deserves every visit. Go check out their brand new menu or simply relish the good old classics.

Find them at – First Floor, DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

Give them a ring at – 01244909361/01244911952 or Say hello at –

Shiawasena Shokuji! 🙂


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