A Tale Of Grapes & Cocoa

Chocolate keeps you happy and Wine gives you a high. Isn’t this the simplest definition most of us have of this enchanting pairing?

Well to your surprise, these two gorgeous inventions of the world, have so much more to them.  There is a spark of style, a taste of luxury and sense of romance.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

Sula Vineyards and Art Chocolat, recently teamed up to treat Delhiites with an afternoon of supreme aromas, flavours and insightful knowledge at Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi

Cocoa – On – The – Vine, a well conceptualised and one of a kind Chocolate & Wine Appreciation Session, was a dream come true for many epicureans and aficionados of fine Wine and gourmet Chocolate.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Wine & Chocolate is a wedding of many impeccable ingredients, that together bring you fusion of exquisite taste. Sharing deep knowledge & thoughts on the topic, the afternoon was hosted by Wine Connoisseurs of Sula Vineyards and Professional Chocolatiers from the acclaimed Academy of Chocolate Arts.


From understanding the nitty gritty of geography, climate and conditions, to discovering the humongous techniques of creation, Wines are a whole world of immense knowledge and appreciation. The session covered many awareness and know-how topics such as what goes behind that bottle of luxury you always prefer, which areas in India and abroad make the best of wines, how can you differentiate between a good & bad one, and so much more.


Here’s some piece of history for all – You would be amazed to know that Wines date back to as old as  6000 BC. History states that instances of wine culture & cultivation do not come from Europe or the USA but from the lands of the Arabs. Middle Eastern destinations such as Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Turkey etc were the first to recognise the Wine culture & also developed the first arbors and pruning methods. With the advent of religion, this slowly & gradually faded away and Wines now are sadly a lost and untouched topic in many of these regions.


Like Wine, Chocolate is no less when it comes to opulence and extravagance.

Extracted from a seed that exceeds beyond the term bitterness, the bar of Chocolate that you savour, is formed with a strenuous process of fermenting, drying, refining and roasting high quality cocoa beans. The many panelists present at the event, showcased and wonderfully explained the techniques, quality checks and an end number of tasks that go into the making of everyone’s much loved Chocolate.


The many different combinations of Wines & Chocolates served at the workshop, were as follows:

  1. BRUT, served with a platter of Fromage noire truffle, Chocolate dipped Strawberries & Pineapple Marzipan.



2. RIESLING paired with Peanut carmel domes, Orange chocolate & Ecuador dark chocolate with Sea salt.



3. ZINFANDEL ROSE, with Raspberry milk cup, Red berry mendiant and Guava ganache.



4. DINDORI RESERVE SHIRAZ, relished with Smoked dark wood, Thai coffee and Dark red chilli chocolate.



5. LATE HARVEST CHENIN BLANC, paired with White chocolate withe almond praline, Manga cup and Lychee ganache.


The session ended with each participant carrying home their very own Wine & Chocolate Connoisseur Certificate to treasure for life, along with a box of assorted hand-made chocolates. A goodbye so sugary, indeed!

For all those who enjoyed the read and wish to keep deep diving into the food universe, stay glued to DIGITIZING FOOD.



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