NYC Style, For The Gourmand In You

If you thought that the unifying force that brings us all together lies in the almighty, let me correct.

It lies in our eternal belief, faith and love for a simple Italian bread, topped with tomatoes, cheese and and an exotic array of what not more! This is one mutually agreed dish, that comes to rescue in times of sorrow, happiness, victory & tiny moments of celebrations.

While the city is buzzing with new Pizza parlours at a lightning fast speed, what recently caught Digitizing Food’s attention is this quaint little ‘Boutique Pizzeria’, nestled in the upcoming market of Bani Square, Gurgaon.


Excelling in classic as well as gourmet New York styled thin crust Pizzas, this new kid in the block has all the reasons to be a splendid treat for your eyes and the palette.

Did you know? There is an interesting anecdote behind the term ‘Pie’ and not a ‘Pizza’. According to history, people in the New York City, refer to pizzas as ‘Pies’, a term given by old school pizza masters who migrated to the USA from various regions of Italy in the early 1920’s. The most popular and known difference between New York style and other American Pizzas is its traditionally hand-tossed crust, that helps brings in a unique flavour and texture to the complete dish.

At NYC Pie, you experience all the culture & traditions, in sinful bites of Pizzas, Grinders and fresh cold pressed juices.


A brain child of Raj Rao, one of the seasoned veterans of the global Food and Beverage industry, NYC Pie is not just about good food but a sincere attempt to bring Delhiites one inch closer to Pizzas that do not compromise on quality, but deliver you a gourmet experience, to be relished by colleagues, friends and family.

Mr. Rao was also shortlisted as #8 out of an original pool of 275 to be the Director of F&B for the White House under the Clinton administration. He then came back to India and worked with The Oberois, New Delhi, Ananda Spa in The Himalayas and many more reputed brands of the country.



So why should NYC Pie be your next slice of Pizza?

For the fresh hand kneaded homemade dough, that is prepared daily to ensure every bite you take, is bursting with aromas of provencial herbs, garlic and more. This dough is then carefully baked in a custom designed hand made brick oven, ensuring you do not experience the same old machine oven taste but Pies that are gleaming with New York style flavours.

At NYC Pie, the sauces are an in-house speciality too! Made from fresh Italian tomato puree and a mix of exotic herbs & spices, they make sure to add a zing to your Pizzas.

There most popular non-vegetarian pick from the menu includes La Bomba (A Vegan’s nightmare), that is loaded with Pepperoni, Honey Glazed Ham, Smoked Bacon & Spicy Sausages.  Whereas for a veggies lover, do give the  Jamaican Heights (A mix of Cherry Tomatoes, Black Olives, Red Onions, Garlic, Olive Oil & Very Peri Hot Sauce) a definite try!

Fire Cracker + La Bomba (Non-Vegetarian)
Jamaican Heights (Vegetarian)

In addition to the classic Italian offering, the restaurant has also launched a new series of appetizers called -‘Grinders’. Defined by NYC Pie as a sandwich on a baguette, Grinders are toasted subs, highly popular in New York.

These sandwiches are a mix of blanched green peppers, the in house sauce & high quality cheese, on fresh baked baguettes.

Eggplant Parmigiana Grinder


While you’ve read through just a few, NYC Pie offers a range of delicious options for all. Browse through their menu on or just walk into one of their below listed outlets, to taste something you wouldn’t regret.

Till then, Bon Apetit! 🙂

P.S They are open till 4 AM. Isn’t that a WOW?


Where can you find them?

Address line 1: -7, Baani Square, Near Hilton Garden Inn, Nirvana Country, Sector-50, Gurgaon

Contact: 0124-4369156/7/8, 07042192389

 Address Line 2: A-35, Main Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Contact: 011-41656505/6/7






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