7 Reasons to Visit 7 Degrees Brauhaus

When they say ‘Beer is the root of all civilizations’, they mean it right!

The combination of water, malt, hops and yeast is an absolute pleasure for all humans. In today’s day and age, breweries have sprung up all over Gurugram, constantly evolving the art of serving freshly brewed beers. Settling on one to be the best in town would be a dilemma but a little advice on why you can prefer 7 Degrees Brauhaus over many is no harm.


1. Spacious Micro-Brewery (With only micro in name): Spread over 12500 sq. ft of area, this place has ample amount of room to make you enjoy your mug of beer, in a rustic surrounding, either by the bar counter or on a cozy table, overlooking the busy streets of Gurugram.

2. One-of-a kind Beer Garden: How about sipping your drink under a large Oak Tree? And yes, unwinding your day blues in the comfort of Maple wood Furniture, beneath Copper Lamps and the company of your gang.


3. German Taste: Hear Germany and you think beer, ins’t it?

From their handcrafted options of Lager, Wheat, Special and Master’s Brew, we recommend the stronger version of Bavarian beer- Master’s Brew. An amalgamation of dark and pale malts, it leaves you with a strong smokey flavor.


4. Excellent Temperature: Have you ever wondered what the best temperature for storing your beer is? Well, the answer lies in the name!

Temperature has a profound affect on your taste buds and that is why we cherish our piping hot tea, room temperature red wine, and our cold beer mug.  At 7 Degrees Brauhaus, the bar maestros serve you German Beers, at ideal temperatures so you can enjoy your mug at its best.

5. Inviting Global Cuisine: Sundays are a perfect day to visit this German Brewery. While you choose to sip on your favorite choice of beer, the kitchen offers you a beautiful buffet of International cuisines. A word of advice, do not forget to visit the live Pasta counter for the Chef’s special plate of in-house Aglio -E-Olio.IMG_1719.JPG
Processed with Snapseed.

6.Blissful Music: With Bollywood numbers played only on request, 7 Degrees Brauhaus is the go-to destination if your mood is to relish your drink with Jazz, Contemporary or some soulful western melodies.

7. Cracking Party Deals: As you welcome Santa’s sleigh, celebrate the momentous occasion with a special Christmas Eve menu comprising of a lavish Turkey spread. Grab the package deal of INR 1699/- AI plus unlimited wine.

P.S Here’s leaving you with a sneak peak of their New Year’s Eve Bash – Gala Dinner, Drinks, Classic Rock, Russian Artists, Fusion LED Dhol… and much more.

Keep following them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/7DegreesBrauhausGGN/) and Instgram (https://www.instagram.com/7degreesbrauhaus/) to discover all details.

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